To raise the potency in one day - is it realistic?

How to increase potency at home quickly - recipes of traditional medicine, proper nutrition, emphasis on minerals and vitamins, essential for a normal erection. Potency can also be raised through physical activity, using traditional methods. All the helpful tips in this article.

We use drugs to quickly improve potency

pill to increase potency

How to quickly raise the potency of a man if an intimate evening is planned soon? Here pharmacological agents will help. For example, any tablets with vardenafil.

These products are designed specifically for the treatment of erectile disorders. The advantages of the drugs are good tolerance, performance regardless of the age of a man, and a quick onset of action.

And for those who prefer a long-term effect of the drug, we recommend drugs containing tadalafil. Studies have shown not only the high effectiveness of drugs, but also according to men's reviews, orgasm improves, satisfaction after intercourse. The drugs are effective even in patients with diabetes mellitus and after spinal cord injuries.

What vitamins and minerals can quickly increase potency?

The state of potency directly depends on what you eat, on the completeness of the diet. Potency is influenced by certain vitamins and minerals:

oysters to increase potency
  1. Zinc. . . It is part of many enzymes, and therefore takes part in metabolic processes. For the level of testosterone in the body to be normal, you need a sufficient amount of this chemical element. Zinc takes part in the exchange of dehydrotestosterone. In the male genital organs, the division and renewal of sex cells constantly occurs, this process slows down with a lack of zinc. The number of spermatozoa decreases, their quality decreases. Strengthening potency often depends on the diet, foods rich in zinc will help to quickly raise potency: shrimp, oysters, wheat bran, anchovies, egg yolk, fish.
  2. Selenium. . . A mineral that is used in large quantities by the male reproductive system. The main role of selenium is antioxidant. The element maintains blood vessels in a healthy state, prevents the development of atherosclerosis, stroke and heart attack. By freeing the body from radicals, selenium provides the synthesis of sex hormones and sperm. With its lack, testosterone in the body decreases, which entails the extinction of potency. To provide your body with selenium, add to the diet such foods for potency: corn, seafood, tomatoes, garlic and eggs.
  3. Vitamin E. . . A fat-soluble vitamin known for its strong antioxidant properties. Its action is multifaceted: normalizing hormonal levels, strengthening the walls of blood vessels, stabilizing cell membranes, preventing the formation of blood clots. Lack of tocopherol sometimes leads to the development of infertility, including on the part of men. Vitamin E is contained in such products: vegetable oils, wheat germ, fish, nuts for potency, seeds, especially pumpkin seeds.
  4. B vitamins. . . Often a decrease in potency is associated with overwork of the body. Thiamin, or vitamin B1, reduces body fatigue, increases endurance, nourishes muscles and the brain with energy. Pyridoxine, or vitamin B6, affects the functioning of the nervous system. To increase potency, add sunflower seeds, eggs, nuts, sea fish to the diet.

How to increase potency at home quickly?

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Increasing potency can be quickly done at home. Here are some secrets:

  1. Various water treatments. It can be a daily contrast shower, trips to the sauna once a week. This temperature difference has a beneficial effect on blood flow throughout the body, including the organs of the genitourinary system.
  2. Change your diet. Eliminate unhealthy foods, sauces, fatty foods. Add such well-known aphrodisiacs as celery, parsley for potency, garlic, and onions to your dishes.
  3. Give up bad habits. Both alcohol and smoking adversely affect organ trophism. Substances contained in tobacco constrict blood vessels, reduce the production of sex hormones.
  4. Sometimes, in order to increase potency in one day, you just need to rest and get rid of stress. Often it is psycho-emotional overstrain that becomes the cause of male failure.
  5. Physical exercises. They have different effects on the body, but their effectiveness is undeniable. We will discuss this below.

Physical activity and increased potency

jogging to increase potency

Any physical exercise is good for the whole body. But specialists have developed complexes of special physical activities that purposefully affect the work of the genitals, their trophism and muscle tone responsible for erection.

Exercises are shown if:

  • you have lost your morning erection;
  • the erection is weak, it is not enough to complete intercourse;
  • the attraction to a woman has disappeared;
  • the orgasm was not as bright as before.

Here are some examples of exercises:

  1. We will tell you how to increase potency quickly, at home, simply by performing this exercise regularly. The man sits on the floor (warm), you can sit on a stool. Legs should be spread wide. The back is straight, hands are down, breathing is calm, nasal. During a quick short breath, squeeze your palms as if you were grabbing something. At the same time, try to squeeze the buttocks as much as possible, feel all the muscles that are responsible for this movement. Then exhale slowly. The exercise is performed from 7 approaches, between which there is a minute of rest. Such physical tension effectively strengthens the muscles of the perineum, promotes urinary control, especially for those who have incontinence. By contracting the muscles, you are doing a kind of massage for the prostate gland, providing more blood flow than before. Undoubtedly, this will soon have a positive effect on sexual function.
  2. The second exercise is performed from a prone position. The arms are bent at the elbows, the palms are at the level of the armpits, that is, the elbows "look" up. Inhaling gradually, raise your head and shoulder girdle, slowly tilt your head back. As you exhale, lower your head and chest to the starting position. After a few seconds of rest, repeat up to 7 more sets.
  3. The next exercise is focused on working out the muscles responsible for potency. you need to sit on a chair, legs apart, strain the muscles that are located between the anus and the scrotum. That is, the buttocks should be relaxed;
  4. The next exercise is simple. Standing still, make marching steps, raising your knees as high as possible.

The peculiarity of the exercises is that the load should gradually increase. Increase the number of repetitions, exercise both in the morning and in the evening. On average, the effect of a completed daily task should appear in a week.

In fact, problems with erectile function occur at any age. Most cases of impotence can be corrected with the help of a specialist. In 95% of cases, doctors manage to restore an erection without surgery. The main condition for maintaining potency is a healthy lifestyle.