The influence of products on potency

Alas, it happens that even healthy and young men with potency have certain problems. Or maybe you just want to feel more confident and successful in such a delicate area.

Of course, today, to solve this problem, you can resort to various methods of treatment (if we are talking about serious functional disorders). Or, in more simple and non-medical cases, modern and effective capsules for increasing potency are available to you. Food, in this case, plays an important role.

Harmful and useful products for male potency

Generally speaking, potency is almost directly affected by the level of testosterone in a man's body. Therefore, food for potency should, first of all, contain components that would help your body produce such an important hormone. And, at least, they did not reduce its production in the body of a healthy man. Below we suggest that you familiarize yourself with some basic facts and rules for selecting drinks and food for potency.

Harmful products for potency

A very large number of products that we use almost daily not only do not have a positive effect on potency, but can also harm it. So, for example, an increase in the salt content in your food reduces the production of testosterone in a man's body, which means that food for potency should be as lightly salted as possible.

Various energy drinks, sweet soda, coffee - all this, of course, has a temporary positive effect, excites your nervous system. But it negatively affects the cardiovascular system and can cause complications, including in the intimate area. Moreover, according to some studies, caffeine, entering your body, leads to the destruction of already existing free testosterone.

Also, foods that contain a large amount of carbohydrates are negative factors influencing male potency. Not to mention the fact that they can cause excess weight. By the way, in people with increased body weight, a decrease in libido is often observed.

Muffins and white yeast bread are also not very healthy. The yeast and sugar in these foods lowers testosterone.

Do not abuse and fatty milk. It contains a lot of estrogen - the female sex hormone, which can adversely affect your potency.

Sausages, sausages, sausages and other similar products, although they are classified as meat, they contain a large number of additives, so all the benefits are actually reduced to zero. In addition, most of the meat and meat products currently offered are saturated with a rather large amount of growth hormones and other substances at the stage of animal rearing, which, as you know, have a negative effect, including on potency.

By the way, speaking of "harmful" hormones in your food from the point of view of increasing potency, you should definitely mention various "sports cocktails", as well as beer loved by many. Yes, yes, it turns out that beer contains, among other things, female hormones - phytoestrogens. I think you yourself understand what this can mean for your libido.

And, of course, we must mention teas and herbs that can be included in various drinks that have a pronounced sedative and slowing down the passage of nerve impulses.

So, summing up some results, we can distinguish the following groups of products that you should not (at least abundantly) eat if you want to increase your male potency:

  • foods high in salt (pickles and pickled snacks, chips, saltine crackers, etc. );
  • foods high in carbohydrates;
  • sugary soda, energy drinks, sweet pastries, cakes and sweets, yeast-leavened white bread, potatoes (especially fried ones);
  • products with a high caffeine content (coffee, energy drinks, caffeinated medicines, etc. );
  • products containing hormones ("female", "growth", etc. );
  • fatty cow's milk, "sports cocktails", non-organic meat and meat products, beer, etc. ;
  • foods and drinks with a calming effect (soothing teas, especially those containing herbs such as: valerian, St. John's wort, lemon balm, linden flowers, mint, etc. ).

Useful food to increase potency

So, you already know what food is most harmful for potency. Consider now what is useful for you and your potency. In other words, what should be included in your diet so that food helps to increase your potency.

As already mentioned, for normal sexual activity and sustainable potency, human food must contain certain substances and be as environmentally friendly and healthy as possible.

For example, nutritionists note the need for the so-called "reproduction vitamins" E and A in food. Vitamin B also enhances the conduction of nerve impulses, which contributes not only to mental activity, but also to the reproductive functions of your body.

Among the trace elements, the most important for increasing the potency and quality of sperm are: zinc, selenium, potassium, magnesium. It is also quite proven that the so-called fatty acids are good at helping to increase testosterone levels.

Accordingly, food to increase potency should contain all these elements in one form or another.

Let us mention some products that have proven themselves in the field of increasing potency:

  • Honey. The most powerful and effective "food medicine" is honey. He, so to speak, sits in the first place in the ranking of products to increase potency. It is honey that contains a huge number of elements that will help maintain overall health, and therefore solve some intimate problems. This excellent multivitamin product also contains a number of trace elements you need.
  • nuts. The next potency-enhancing product is nuts, especially walnuts. It is literally a storehouse of trace elements. By making a nut-honey paste, you can double the positive effect. In case the nuts are tired, you can replace them with prunes. Such a treat should be consumed every day 3-4 hours before bedtime. Within a few days, the result will be noticeable.
  • Plant foods, fruits. Here we are talking primarily about fruits that are as rich as possible in vitamins A, E and B-group. Prunes have already been mentioned above. Add to this list: dates, citrus fruits (oranges, lemons, etc. ), watermelon, root vegetables of carrots and celery.
  • Greens. Greens are very useful for male power. A wide variety of herbs that grow in the garden or on the field: parsley, dill, lettuce, common dandelion, nettle, etc. Not only spicy greens perfectly excite the appetite: anise, cumin, tarragon, garlic. But the onion has proven itself most well as a food for potency. Even the ancient Roman philosopher Pliny the Elder noted: "The bow pushes sluggish men into the arms of Venus. "Moreover, any onion will be useful to you: onion, green, leek, batun.
  • Dairy products. Non-fatty acids and trace elements that increase potency are found in natural, preferably home-made fermented milk products (without artificial thickeners, yeast and preservatives). Not only yogurt, kefir and other drinks familiar from childhood, as they say, are perfect for men, but also homemade low-fat sour cream. By the way, a glass of sour cream with chopped walnuts is a wonderful "village cocktail" to increase potency, which has been tried by more than one generation of men.
  • Meat, fish, seafood. Next on the list are meat and fish products. Their regular use has a very positive effect on potency. In Europe, oysters and other shellfish are considered to be the most effective aphrodisiacs and foods that are believed to increase potency. A low-fat steak made from organic, not saturated with "growth hormones" meat will give you energy. From fish, flounder and mackerel should be preferred - their meat is especially useful for potency.

This, of course, food for potency does not end there. There are also several exotic products that are believed to be able to improve male traction. One of these is, for example, the stomach of a camel. It is extremely difficult to find it, but a small piece the size of a pea will be enough. At least that's what the Eastern healers say.

Increasing potency: food or pills?

Many people ask themselves the question: "What to choose: medications or still give preference to ordinary food for problems with potency? ".

As a preventive measure and periodic stimulation, it is still better to give preference to food. Or resort to light medications and dietary supplements containing in the required amount all the elements required to increase potency. They will be able to have the desired effect after the first dose and, of course, will give you additional confidence in your abilities.

A balm based on golden and maral root extracts, an adaptogen from maral antlers and vitamin C can be a safe remedy for increasing potency. A natural tonic has a complex effect on the body: it restores and stabilizes the nervous system, calms and reduces anxiety, improves memory and concentrationattention, stimulates the sexual function of men.

If problems with potency are chronic, then it is better to consult a doctor who will refer you for treatment, prescribe stronger drugs or determine the need for other medical procedures.